The Enterprise Content Management System

  • All your Company Content in One Place
  • Single Platform for Multiple Use Cases
  • Use it On Our Cloud, On Premise or Private Cloud
  • Embedded with Advanced Elastic Search
  • No Tech Resources required to manage
  • Simple UI – Structured Content Layout – Easy Navigation

One Place for all Company Information

  • For Policies, Processes, Induction and Company Information
  • On Web and Mobile Apps
  • Access Control on Content
  • Update Content Instantly on Web and Mobile
  • Get detailed Analytics on Usage

Training & Development

  • Online Courses and Training Modules
  • Privately hosted Video Lectures
  • Examinations and Test Papers
  • Custom Actions like Understood, Accept, Agree
  • Get Usage Reports per Employee

Sales Handbook

  • Dedicated App for all Sales related information
  • No more referring to scattered Emails, PDFs or PPTs
  • For Internal Teams, Agents, Partners, Distributors
  • Update Information in Real Time
  • Product Info, Forms, FAQs, Guidelines, Processes

Mobile Product Brochure

  • Complete Product Information in One App
  • Send Information to Trade Directly and Instantly
  • Avoid Wrong Selling – Enable Upselling – Increase Demand
  • Share Rates, Margins, Return Policy, Offers, Trade Schemes

Knowledge Management & Case Study Bank

  • Create Case Studies and White Papers
  • In Document Indexing and Search
  • Convert Documents directly into Articles
  • Host on your Private Network

Easiest Content Management System

  • As easy as writing an Email
  • Just Click a Button to Publish or Save Article
  • Create your own Folder and Article Structure
  • Text, Images, Files, Private Video, Youtube Video, Tables
  • No Tech support required

Easy to Use as well

  • Simple Folder and Article Structure
  • Auto Populated Index and Available outside Login
  • Recently Updated Articles Folder
  • Content Tags and Listing
  • Email Alerts and Mobile Notifications
  • Make Articles Public and Share with Social Media Options

User Access Management

  • User Access on Articles and Content
  • Roles for Reader, Author, Publisher
  • Microsoft AD and Groups Integration
  • Single Sign On

Analytics & Reports

  • Article Count and Status by Author or Publisher
  • Read/Unread Status of Articles by Users
  • Search Keyword Repository
  • Articles Viewed, Files Downloaded, Searches fired, Tags used

Advanced Content Hosting Features

  • Publish Content using Custom Templates
  • Like Policy, Video Tutorial, Photo Album, File Management
  • Host other pages using iFrames
  • Create your own Call to Actions like Interested, Accept, Agree
  • Privately Hosted Video Library using Microsoft Azure
  • Optical Character Reader Plugin
  • Link Microsoft Exchange for Email Repository
  • Import Data from other systems automatically

Hosting Options

  • White Labeled Product with your own URL
  • Host on Our Clod with AWS, On Premise or Private Cloud
  • Restrict to Office Network or Open on the Internet
  • Remotely Install Desktop Application
  • Host Mobile Apps using your own App Store
  • Integration of Mobile Apps with MDM

Secure your Content

  • Restrict Content on Mobile
  • DRM Protected Content and Videos (Microsoft Azure)
  • Disable Printing of Articles
  • Disable Copying of Content
  • Disable Screenshot on Mobile
  • Restrict file Download on Mobile

Advanced Elastic Search

  • Searches in Article Names
  • Inside Content and Articles
  • In File and Image Names
  • In Document Search (PDF also)
  • FAQ Search

Google Searchable Content

  • Google Searchable Content Structure
  • Add your own SEO Tags and Description
  • Auto Updated Site Map
  • URLs with Article Names in it
  • Add your own Google Analytics Code
  • Publicly available Content Index

Have a Unique Requirement for managing your Content?

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